Photography Competition

Photography competition in the theme of ‘This is Gender- Nepal’

[Note: The submission is closed]

Photography allows people to see the world from different perspectives and play an important role in everyone’s life. They can capture diverse scenario and situations that connect to the past, remind us of people, places, circumstances, contexts, feelings and stories and help us to better understand and diffusion of information about things as they are.

To understand gender and health from the lenses of photography, Global Health 50/50, and the Center for Research on Environment Health and Population Activities (CREHPA) is organising photography competition in the theme of ‘This is Gender’ in 2021. This type of competition at global level is being hosted by Global Health 50/50 since 2018. In this competition, we invite photographers to share photographs captured in Nepal. The photographers are requested to share the vision of what gender looks like and submit photographs that explore/depicts the diverse ways in which gender norms, beliefs, attitudes and lifestyles of Nepalese men, women and non-binary people.

In Nepal, as globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has established a serious public health threat and has affected all domains of society its health, economy, and education- in deeply gendered ways. In this unsettling moment of national upheaval, it is more important than ever to produce and distribute imagery that reflects the diverse realities of gender. We encourage photographers to contribute to expanding the imagery associated with the concept of gender in Nepal by exploring, for example:

  • How the landscape of work- professional, domestic, care or otherwise- is gendered in Nepal?
  • How gender intersects with health and wellbeing in Nepal?
  • How politics and commercial industries exploit gender roles and how they are challenged in Nepal?
  • How gender intersects with other aspects of identities and vulnerabilities in Nepal?

We are particularly interested, but not exclusively, in works that contemplate these topics in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All photographic and photojournalistic forms are welcome. Photographs must be taken within and of Nepal, but all photographers regardless of nationality are eligible to participate. Winners will be selected by the five members panel of experts in photography (Three national and two international), visual culture, gender and global health.


Cash prizes will be provided to the top 3 photos. 1st prize: NRs. 50,000; 2nd Prize: NRs. 30,000; 3rd Prize: NRs. 10,000

In addition, a selection of the shortlisted photographs will be featured in the 2022 GH50/50 Nepal Report and various dissemination materials. Certificate will be provided to winners.

Judging Panel

The competition will be judged by Ms. Ramyata Limbu, Mr.Sujan Chitrakar, Ms. Uma Bista, Ms. Imogen Bakelmun, and Ms. Anna Purdie. The following main criteria will be used while assessing the photographs.

Visual merit and creativity

  • Strong visual
  • Thoughtful, considered composition and
  • Use of colour (or intentional lack of colour) and

Storytelling and perspective

  • Clear link to gender and/or
  • Strong story behind the
  • Unique perspective on the

Eligibility criteria

  • Photographers around the globe are invited to submit, but all images must have been captured in
  • All photographers must sign our terms and
  • Photographers must be in digital format (.jpeg, .jpg or .png) format in high

How to Submit

Participants can submit their complete application through Google Forms.

Each contestant may submit up to three images accompanied by the following elements:

  • A brief narrative on the significance of the image to the themes of the photo
  • Where and when the photo was
  • Short artist

Submissions Close: 15 October,2021

Contact details for further information and any queries


About This is Gender

Global Health 50/50 launched the This is Gender photography competition in 2019 in response to the lack of representational diversity and critically reflective images of gender in global health. Now in our third year, This is Gender continues seeks to confront and complexify the lens through which we envision our gendered world, holding up a mirror to the diverse ways gender norms – rigid and fluid, traditional and progressive – are lived and subverted across the world. Through showcasing diverse and reflective imagery from around the world, it hopes to encourage actors and organisations to interrogate the politics of representation and the visual ethics of the images that are produced and disseminated through their work.

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